Slide YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING. Are you ready to do the hard work worth doing?


If you want to be better, you must get better. You do this by surrounding yourself with individuals that have achieved success at your level or above and learning from their experiences. Modeling others will turn their years of effort into months for you or decades into a few years. Applying to one of our Executive Boardrooms will also enable you to teach what you know to others that are just starting their entrepreneurial journey. Look, if you can’t teach it, you don’t really know it. Proximity is power. Are you ready to move from good to great?



If you are like most entrepreneurs, you feel like you are running in sand. The harder you work the more the government takes…and then someone comes along and sues you. With acceptance to one of our Executive Boardrooms we will give you the tools to make you lawsuit proof and show you how to save more in taxes in the first full year you implement our program, or we will refund the difference!


Many business leaders and entrepreneurs fall into the trap of being run by their business. Do you just push and push, filled with anxiety not really enjoying the journey? If this sounds like you then you are not alone. Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. You are a MIRACLE of CREATION! You WILL design the life YOU want to live! The Executive Boardroom is filled with business leaders and entrepreneurs that are not willing to settle for good. They hold each other accountable and share in the successes of the other members. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. You will begin to build and protect your legacy by taking that first step now.