Event #1

Men’s Awakening

$5,000 Value

This is a 2 day LIVE event that will attend with other industry leaders designed to fully AWAKEN you to the possibility of DESIGNING and CREATING the life you DEMAND.

Prior to the event there is an INTENSE 9 day on-line runup that will TEST you to see if you are even worthy enough to attend the event with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

This is not about how much money you make, this is about INTEGRITY. Those without integrity we encourage to quit prior to coming to the event. It is time for you to realize that you are not alone. It has been said that if you want something, find someone that already has what you want, model them and turn decades into years or years into months.

This event puts you on the fast track to becoming the man you want to become.



This is a 2 day business planning event open to the general public. Seating will be limited so current members of the Forge Apex community will get the first opportunity to attend. This is a business planning and life planning event held in Houston, Texas December 7-8 Sign up now button $1500




3-Day live event Coming October 2021 



A 7-day adventure retreat where we will partake in EPIC FUN AND BADASSERY! Coming February 2022.



A 4-day event designed to help understand the play between masculine and feminine energy and understand where you are in the life cycle of relationships…and how you can get yours back into prime! Coming March 2022.



This is an invitation only group of the highest level of men and women operating inside of business. This group will act as a board of directors for your business with JP acting as the director for the board room. This group with no more than 10 members will meet bi-weekly virtually to discuss any business topics that arise on a 2 hour call. Additionally, each member will have a board buddy, an accountability partner that you will run with weekly to assist in keeping you on track. Additionally, the Director’s Council will meet quarterly for 2 days to return and report on what is going on in your business and advise of blind spots. The Director’s Council is a $30,000 commitment. Each member of the Director’s Council will receive a 20% discount to all Forge Apex events and will have the first option to sign up for events with limited capacity. Entry into this group will come with insights on how to maximize and grow your wealth. If you are paying more than $100,000/yr in taxes and you follow the program provided the Director’s Council will pay for itself in 1 quarter…guaranteed! 



Apply for your team to run through a corporate Awakening. This program is designed to bring your team closer together over a 2-day event. Your team will learn to trust each other at the highest level and the CEO will have clarity on the blindspots within the organization. If you need an injection into building your culture this is the event for your company. The event will accommodate up to 15 members. These events are limited and book up quickly. The event is $25,000 for the team and includes 2 passes to the Plan or Die event in December.