This is an invitation only group of the highest level of men and women operating inside of business. This group will act as a board of directors for your business with JP acting as the director for the board room. This group will consist of 8-10 members. During the year you will have access to all business trainings provided by Archon on demand. Additionally, there will be a live 2 hour call to discuss these topics as well as advanced strategies behind the trust and foundation system. Each member will have an Executive Partner, an accountability partner that you will run with weekly to assist in keeping you on track. Finally, the Executive Boardroom will meet 3 times a year for 3 days to return and report on what is going on in your business and advise of blind spots. The Executive Boardroom is attended only by those that are approved after the application process. Entry into this group will come with insights on how to maximize and grow your wealth leveraging trusts and foundations.



This is a 2 day business planning event open to the general public. Seating will be limited so current members of the Archon community will get the first opportunity to attend. This is a business planning and life planning event held in Houston, Texas October 27th & 28th, 2022.


Are you a business owner? Is your income greater than $350,000 a year and growing? You owe it to yourself to set up a one on one call to determine if our program is a fit for you. Archon guarantees you will save as much on your tax bill in the first full year you implement this plan or we will refund the difference. We serve our clients by showing them the path to securing their assets in a lawsuit-proof vault, creating generational wealth for their family and building a legacy through charitable giving.