Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Archon does not position itself as a manufacturing company but rather prides itself on being a service company that specializes in finding solutions, whether simple or complex, to our client’s stainless steel and copper requirements. Archon leverages the latest technology both in the office as well as the shop floor to achieve our vision of being committed to becoming the client’s first choice for fabricated stainless steel and copper in all our market segments. The use of state of the art lasers, press brakes and high end welding equipment insure the highest quality product in the industry while leveraging the technology to keep our pricing competitive within the industry.



Since 1984, Archon has been building and improving our teams of fabricators and installers, doing work for most all types of hospitality and institutional venues.

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Archon has honed its skills working with designers, architects, engineers and builders fabricating signature construction elements, railings, lighting, panels, displays, and more.

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Archon specializes in a variety of residential custom metal fabrication including countertops, sinkbowls, hoods and more – in stainless steel, copper and other materials.

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Stainless Cabinetry

For laboratories, medical and clean environments, the austenitic properties of stainless steel cannot be beat. For over a quarter century, Archon has been fabricating custom stainless base cabinets, wall mount cabinets, full height cabinets and work stations.

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Contract Manufacturing

From prototyping to short and medium runs, the Archon team is responsive, timely and thorough. Send us your drawings to quote or concepts to develop in sheet metal, tubing or complex assemblies.

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