Restaurant Equipment – Fabrication and Installation

Since 1984, Archon has been building and improving our team of fabricators and installers, doing work for most all types of hospitality and institutional venues. Our metal work is certified by NSF® to meet stringent safety and sanitary standards. The team is knowledgeable and experienced with the many jurisdictional fire safety and building codes as well as the work of adjoining trades.

Archon continually endeavors to save time, efforts and money for ours and other trades as we work together installing metal elements with the proper fit & finish. Archon knows sculleries, counters, beverage and serving lines, exhaust hood systems, chef’s lines and the ergonomics and flow of kitchens. Having been involved in thousands of commercial kitchen projects over the years, Archon uses it’s expertise toward successful project completions and enduring designs in stainless steel resulting in satisfied and successful end user stores.