Why Choose Archon

When selecting a stainless manufacturer it is vital that company is…

#1 Privately held corporation

You want to deal with a company that answers ONLY to their clients and NOT Wall Street.

#2 Experienced manufacturing for over 30 years

You must partner with a company that has successfully weathered volatile economic cycles.

#3 In love with its clients and not its product offering

You must partner with a company that is more interested in your success and works to provide solutions to all your problems, not just metal!

#4 Able to scale for large projects

Company must have a track record of managing projects in excess of $100,000 or headaches are sure to follow!

#5 Agile enough to turn orders and extras quickly

If your supplier is unable to react to job site demands and provide extras or is unable to turn jobs quickly your clients will suffer greatly.

#6 Continually striving to add more value than you actually pay for

Through state of the art technology, supply chain expertise, professional project management and C-level connections with multiple industries, world class support, advice and innovation is freely given.